GradeHelpers can help win in the battle of making good grades by coaching and tutoring in homework. We also help with assignments, tests and quiz preparation. The main goal however is to get students working independently with confidence, motivation and enthusiasm!

Tutors do not just help with homework but also provide material to strengthen weak areas in English and math. Skill building sessions are offered as a supplement and are done on those days when homework is not given. Once we have worked with your child, we will understand what skills need to be strengthened. You can purchase the MATHSMART or ENGSMART workbooks for extra reinforcement. Some homework will be assigned if needed.

Recommended books will be suggested during the consultation. EQAO Prep is also available for Grades 3, 6, 9 and 10.  Please visit www.eqao.com for additional information and sample questions.

Email us for a free consultation and needs assessment in your home!