What is GradeHelpers?

GradeHelpers is an in-home, one-on-one, tutoring and coaching program for students in their elementary school years (Kindergarten to Grade 9). Our focus is on developing skills, building confidence and, ultimately, getting results through a concentration on the foundation subjects; namely math, reading and language skills. Our tutors/coaches work one-on-one with students in the clients’ home and help them with understanding their lessons, completing their homework, developing problem solving skills, preparing for quizzes, tests and exams.

How is in-home tutoring different from tutoring centers?

At GradeHelpers, we recognize that each child learns differently. By focusing on the one-on-one tutor-student relationship, we’re able to help students understand their school work in terms that make sense to them. This paves the way for acquiring the skills, techniques and confidence necessary for success. Our tutors/coaches are young, enthusiastic and academically accomplished individuals who are passionate about helping young people. They meet 2 to 3 times per week with the student for 1 to 1½ hours per session using the students’ own textbooks, school handouts and homework assignments.

What material does GradeHelpers use?

It is our belief that the best way to help students understand their school work is to use the very same books, hand outs and assignments used in class to help them work through and understand the intended learning objectives. Occasionally, supplemental material is used if additional practice or review time is required, particularly with foundation level skills, but generally we believe that more is not necessarily better – sometimes it’s just more and that can cause an already overloaded student to develop a negative association with learning.

Does the tutor/coach communicate with the student’s teacher?

We provide monthly progress reports as well as engaging in on-going open communication with parents and with the student’s teachers to ensure that the fit remains a positive one. Our goal is to help each child achieve their full learning potential to help pave the way for future success. Questions or concerns can also be brought to GradeHelpers directly.

What are your tutors like?

Our tutors are university students and grads. They are experienced and enthusiastic and ready to motivate and increase confidence in the learning years! Tutors follow the Ontario school curriculum outline and use supplementary materials as required. Students may be given extra practice worksheets when needed and will be marked by tutor. TUTOR EVALUATION FORMS accompanies the first monthly statement. The feedback that these evaluations provide helps GradeHelpers to continue to deliver a high quality service and ensures continued client satisfaction.

Do I need to commit to GradeHelpers for the entire school year?

No, Parents may choose to discontinue receiving GradeHelpers tutoring services at any time however, no refunds will be provided for unused sessions. GradeHelpers will accommodate the student’s short term or long term needs.

How do I know my child will succeed?

Remember that learning is a process. Be patient with your child’s progress and remember that every child learns differently. With time and effort, every child can learn to succeed! It is recommended that students keep a regular schedule of at least 2 sessions a week. The results of this tutoring and coaching program are based on the student’s motivation and willingness to learn. This is a team effort. We wish every student success and make this our number one goal!