Welcome to GradeHelpers

GradeHelpers is a private tutoring service that specializes in elementary tutoring and ESL  with a focus on helping students realize their full learning potential. Our students have seen increased results of 20% in a single term. Email or call now as we book up quickly, especially for summer tutoring.

Free Consultations in your Home!

GradeHelpers is different from tutoring centers.  We recognize that each child learns differently. By working with a private tutor, we’re able to help students understand their school work in terms that make sense to them. This paves the way for acquiring the skills, techniques and confidence necessary for success. Our school tutors / coaches are young, enthusiastic and academically accomplished individuals who are passionate about helping young people. They meet 2 to 3 times per week with their student for 1 to 1½ hours per session using the students’ own textbooks, school handouts and homework assignments. 

Whether you're looking to get your child a little help with homework, projects and tests, with improving confidence, motivation and grades or whether you're simply looking to give your child a head start by building an even more solid foundation in these early school years... GradeHelpers can help!

For more information e-mail us at: gradehelpers@sympatico.ca